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Do you take insurance?


What are my payment options?

HSA, FSA and most major credit and debit cards

Do I need a prescription?

Yes, we process and ship prescriptions in the state of Texas only at this time but will be expanding in the near future.

What if my prescription is at another pharmacy?

We will transfer your prescriptions for you at no additional cost.

How do you get my prescription?

Your prescriber electronically sends it to us when you give them our pharmacy info or if you give us your prescriber's information, we can contact them to get the prescription.

Where do you get your drugs?

We get our drugs from the Texas Board of Pharmacy approved and licensed drug manufacturers and distributors.

How will you ship my medicine?

We package and ship through UPS or FEDex, ensuring that your medication is temperature controlled if necessary and HIPAA compliant.

What if I don't receive my medication?

Please contact us at 214-518-6365 and we will promptly address all your concerns.

What  if my medication is damaged?

Please contact us at 214-518-6365 within 48 hrs of receipt and we will replace your order at no additional cost.

What if there is an error?

Please contact us at 214-518-6365 within 48 hrs of receipt and we will replace your order at no additional cost.

I take multiple medications? How do you ensure that there is no interaction?

Our pharmacists are licensed and experienced at medication therapy management. If you provide us all your current medications, we are able to check for interactions and recommend therapy changes/discontinuation.

How do you fill prescriptions for our pets?

We are experienced and trained to evaluate the drug regimen for your pets. We recommend dose changes/discontinuation to your vet, if we detect interactions or intolerable side effects.

Where is the medicine shipped from?

We ship all our medicines from our Texas Licensed Facility.

How will you keep my information secure?

In accordance with the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”), ZUBI Health is required to inform you of its practices in relation to the protected health information that it maintains about you. HIPAA requires minimum standards that a covered entity, such as ZUBI Health must maintain in relation to your protected health information.

Returns and Refunds

We cannot accept returns of prescription drugs due to federal and state regulations unless there was an error or damage to the prescription.

If I have more questions?

Our pharmacy team is available to answer all your questions during our regular business hours Monday-Saturday, 9am-5pm, closed Sunday.

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