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Mobile Vaccine Services

ZUBI Health is a team of certified healthcare professionals who believe in widening access to life-saving vaccines by bringing our vaccination teams into the heart of communities across Texas. 

By bringing vaccines directly to the people, we’re determined to ensure that everyone, regardless of their circumstances, can get vaccinated.

Contact us today to find out more about how ZUBI Health can help you access COVID-19 vaccination and testing in your community.

By offering on-site vaccinations with our fully certified team, we meet people where they are to help build trust and make getting a COVID-19 jab as effortless as possible. Every single one of our FDA-approved vaccines administered  is carried out by one of our licensed healthcare workers. 


Our strength lies in our ability to move from location to location. We are able deliver far more doses than traditional doctors’ offices and pharmacies, which must balance their vaccination efforts around a range of other healthcare services. Being a mobile clinic means that we are more able to provide services wherever needed.


Frequently Asked Questions About Covid Vaccines

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